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Have you ever wondered what the easiest way to calculate the distance between two points is? If you want to do this on a map, the easiest way to do it is under the distance calculation menu item. Just zoom in on the map over an arbitrarily selected location, click on it with your mouse, and select one (or more) additional location. The distance between the points is immediately displayed on the map. You can also view this in metric and mile units. Please do not confuse this distance calculation with car route planning, as they do not calculate the distance in a straight line. You can calculate a route distance using the route planner.

Have you ever had to find the GPS coordinates of a specific address or location and encountered a problem? This problem can now be easily overcome, as you can use the GPS coordinate finder to determine the coordinates of the selected location quickly, accurately, and as easily as ever before. Try it now; search for free GPS positions!

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Google Maps - Driving Directions

Most people don’t need a presentation; since its introduction in 2004, Google Maps has been one of the most popular services on the web. We can say that the free Google map is not only a helpful service but also one of the most widely used travel applications. Whether used on a mobile phone or a desktop computer, it offers convenient features in our daily lives, such as a constantly updated map, satellite map, street view function, route planner, etc., available worldwide. Without these extras, most tourists would undoubtedly feel a little uncomfortable nowadays. If you haven’t tried it yet, test your route planning and create an itinerary with Google based on traffic conditions to get to your destination easily and quickly. In case you are not traveling by car, we recommend that you also plan a route that planned for free on foot, by bicycle, or by public transport. Travel freely, and plan your route quickly, easily, and cost-effectively today!

Bing Maps - Driving Directions

Bing map is a severe competitor to Google maps. Some swear by one, and some swear by the other. Thanks to the continuous development of the two giants, we, the average internet users, are getting the best; We get a map and route planning service based on a daily database update that goes far beyond paper-based mapping solutions. Plus, it’s free and with us everywhere, wherever we go. Try it today, and plan your route with Bing (Microsoft) easily, quickly, and with actual traffic in mind!

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